PMIWDC Fair Lakes Luncheon | OKRs Made Easy: The Ultimate Framework for Driving Organizational Success – June 6, 2023

Welcome to this presentation on OKRs and Execution!

This presentation will explore how you can use OKRs to drive goal-setting and execution within organizations. We will cover various topics related to OKRs, from setting objectives and key results to tracking progress and evaluating success. Here are three key takeaways you can expect from this presentation:

  1. You will learn about the benefits of using OKRs to drive goal setting and execution within your organization and how OKRs can help you achieve your organizational goals.
  2. You will gain practical insights into how to set up and implement OKRs effectively, including tips for setting good objectives and key results, tracking progress, and adjusting goals as needed.
  3. You will learn how to use OKRs across different functions and teams within your organization, including sales and marketing, product management, HR, finance, and more, and how OKRs can drive innovation and change management initiatives.

This presentation will provide valuable insights and tools to help you implement OKRs effectively within your organization and drive successful goal-setting and execution.

Date & Time: June 6, 2023 at 12pm – 1 pm ET

Location: PMIWDC Fair Lakes Luncheon (virtual event)


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