Reshma Shahabuddin

I’m passionate about exploring principles, strategies, and tools that will help us grow and make an impact while living the life we choose.


Goals, Goals, Goals – It’s all about goals, right?

Let’s face it, without a system in place, they are just words on paper. It is systems that make success possible, providing structure and automation to make those goals a reality. Goals without a system are like a ship without direction. You’ll just drift aimlessly. Relying solely on goals can lead to demotivation and inconsistent…

Clear Your Inbox, Clear Your Mind: The Benefits of the Zero-Inbox Method

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by emails? Try the “zero-inbox” strategy!  I use this method to regularly clear out my inbox and keep it at a consistent zero, ensuring that all emails have been addressed and handled. Advantages: Increased productivity – By keeping your inbox organized and at a consistent zero, you’ll be able…

5 Lessons for Automating OKRs Progress using Aha

I lead the OKRs program for the Sophos Technology Group.  OKRs success relies on setting the right goals and the ability to check how well you are doing against those goals. I have been experimenting with how to automate OKRs progress consistently across all the departments and how to do it with minimal overhead. Today,…

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