I am an experienced program management leader who drives value creation by connecting strategy with execution.

Hi there! I’m Reshma. I am an advisor, speaker, writer, wife, and mother of two. I’m passionate about exploring principles, strategies, and tools that will help us grow and make an impact while living the life we choose. In everything I do—from my personal development, my job, and my family—I give 100%.

My life philosophy is to be awesome, achieve inner peace, and teach others.

I immigrated when I was 16 years old, studied Computer Science, and chose a career in technology. As I was growing up, I was taught to earn good grades, work hard, and secure a stable job. Although this is sound advice, it did not prepare me for real-life challenges and opportunities; I had to learn everything about what it means to be a leader and how to lead by example from the ground up.

I have worked with amazing leaders, mentors and executive coaches, and I learned a great deal from them. I experimented with various techniques and practiced routine introspection, learning how to stay true to myself by bringing my own personal vision and values to my everyday work.

I am the Director of Program Management for the Sophos Technology Group. I lead the strategic program management department to use OKRs to better align across all parts of our organization, deliver strategic initiatives, and achieve our long-term business goals. I have previously worked at Tenable, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, and the American Institutes for Research.

I am a servant leader who lives in the chaos, so I can bring clear goals to every team I lead. I help my teams envision strategic initiatives and outcomes then carve out a plan to make them happen.

I have created this website to share my knowledge and experience. If my posts inspire or teach a single person, I consider myself successful.

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