I am an experienced leader who drives value creation by connecting strategy with execution.

Hi there! I’m Reshma. I am an advisor, speaker, writer, wife, and mother of two. I’m passionate about exploring principles, strategies, and tools that will help us grow and make an impact while living the life we choose. In everything I do—from my personal development, my job, and my family—I give 100%.

I immigrated when I was 16 years old, studied Computer Science, and chose a career in technology. Growing up, I was taught to earn good grades, work hard, and secure a stable job. Although this is sound advice, it did not prepare me for real-life challenges and opportunities; I had to learn everything about being a leader and how to lead by example from the ground up.

I worked with amazing leaders, mentors, and executive coaches, and I learned a great deal from them. I experimented with various techniques and practiced routine introspection, learning to stay true to myself by bringing my vision and values to my everyday work.

I founded Rynovo, a company that offers customized solutions for strategic alignment, program and project management delivery, and leadership development coaching. We partner with businesses and individuals to provide expert guidance and support to achieve their goals and reach new heights. Our tailored solutions empower our clients to take their organizations to the next level, improving performance, driving innovation, and enhancing their capabilities.

Before founding Rynovo, I was the Director of Program Management for the Sophos Technology Division. I spearheaded the strategic program management department to use Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) to drive organizational alignment, deliver strategic initiatives, and achieve long-term business goals across all departments. Before that, I founded and led the program management office (PMO) for the Sophos Artificial Intelligence (AI) department. I was responsible for overseeing the research initiatives and driving the integration of machine learning technologies into the company’s product portfolio.

I possess over a decade of experience in technical program and project management, specializing in diverse domains such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and education assessment. Throughout my career, I have held senior positions at leading companies, including Tenable, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, and QinetiQ North America. In these roles, I directed cross-functional, cross-geographical teams to develop and deliver top-tier cybersecurity and intelligence products.

I enjoy writing children’s books during my free time and have collaborated with my two children to create an original series. By utilizing my program management skills, we conceived, developed, formatted, and published our books on Amazon KDP. This undertaking demanded rigorous attention to detail, encompassing editing, quality control, and ebook formatting tasks. The outcome is a delightful and witty series that explores the adventures of “mean” teachers at school, which can be found at http://meanseriesbooks.com

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