Goals, Goals, Goals – It’s all about goals, right?

Let’s face it, without a system in place, they are just words on paper. It is systems that make success possible, providing structure and automation to make those goals a reality. Goals without a system are like a ship without direction. You’ll just drift aimlessly. Relying solely on goals can lead to demotivation and inconsistentContinue reading “Goals, Goals, Goals – It’s all about goals, right?”

Collaborate Easier with Top-rated Note-taking Apps

Do you want to make collaboration easy? I have compiled a list of top-rated apps. 1️⃣ Evernote – Like a personal assistant for your notes, it has a ton of features to help you organize and keep track of all your ideas. 2️⃣ OneNote – Perfect for group projects, you can easily collaborate and shareContinue reading “Collaborate Easier with Top-rated Note-taking Apps”

Clear Your Inbox, Clear Your Mind: The Benefits of the Zero-Inbox Method

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by emails? Try the “zero-inbox” strategy!  I use this method to regularly clear out my inbox and keep it at a consistent zero, ensuring that all emails have been addressed and handled. Advantages: Increased productivity – By keeping your inbox organized and at a consistent zero, you’ll be ableContinue reading “Clear Your Inbox, Clear Your Mind: The Benefits of the Zero-Inbox Method”

5 Lessons for Automating OKRs Progress using Aha

I lead the OKRs program for the Sophos Technology Group.  OKRs success relies on setting the right goals and the ability to check how well you are doing against those goals. I have been experimenting with how to automate OKRs progress consistently across all the departments and how to do it with minimal overhead. Today,Continue reading “5 Lessons for Automating OKRs Progress using Aha”

6 Steps to Copyright

Are you wondering how to copyright your work? A copyright can protect your work by providing proof of creation and can strengthen the defense against copyright infringement by another entity. First, check out my post on 10 lessons on self-publishing: Today, I will share 6 steps on how to copyright your work. # 1. TypesContinue reading “6 Steps to Copyright”

10 Self Publishing Lessons

My children and I started a new children’s book series!  https://meanseriesbooks.com We want to share exciting and funny stories about “mean” teachers at school. My 13-year-old son, Shazeb, came up with the stories, and my 10-year-old daughter, Samia, illustrated all the pages.  I helped put the books together and self-published them using Amazon KDP. OurContinue reading “10 Self Publishing Lessons”

Being Device Free for Two Weeks Changed the Way I Manage Time

If someone asked me a year ago, “Could you go device free for a couple of days?” I would have said, “No way.” But that is exactly what I did last year for two weeks during the winter holidays. My husband’s family lives abroad, and we decided it would be great to have a family reunion soContinue reading “Being Device Free for Two Weeks Changed the Way I Manage Time”

Want to Build a Highly Collaborative Team?

There is a saying in Agile: if you do one thing, do retrospectives. I believe that not only do you have to run successful retrospectives, you must also follow through on actions. Otherwise, retrospectives just become another meeting, and they stop providing value. Some actions are straightforward and can be easily taken care of byContinue reading “Want to Build a Highly Collaborative Team?”

Are we on target to achieve our strategic initiatives?

What do you do when you’re in a meeting and the Chief Product Officer asks, “Are we on target to achieve our strategic initiatives?” Do you flip through your mental notes? Do you quickly message your team over Slack or email? Do you request some time to get back with an update? Wouldn’t it beContinue reading “Are we on target to achieve our strategic initiatives?”